Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ordering Numbers: What comes between? (Numbers 0-15) Math Center

My students always seem to struggle with the concept what number comes before, after, or between. To help combat this issue, I'm creating these centers to allow students the opportunity to practice. This set is FREE and covers finding what number comes between using the numbers 0 - 15.

Included in the ZIP file is a PDF with 14 workmats, 14 number cards, and a PDF with 2 worksheets that compliment the activity. Directions are included.

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The full set of numbers 0-110 is available here:

Monday, October 22, 2012

Silent E Word Activity

Whatever you call it... silent e, mommy e, bossy e... this station will help your students practice the skill of adding an e to the end of words to change it to a new word.

Students will need to first read the word with the short vowel and then add the e to the end to make a new word.

A recording sheet is provided if you want your students to record their work.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Free Fonts

"The best things in life are free!"

I'm pleased to offer all my Hello Fonts (28 fonts total) now in one nice, neat download. These fonts (in .ttf format) are my original handmade creations. Zipped together so all you have to do is copy them into your computer's Fonts folder (from your Downloads folder).

Terms of Use: You may use my fonts in your free or for sale items on TpT if you give me credit and a link to my blog on your acknowledgement page (I've included clip art for this in the download). Please do not give away my fonts away as is, or include them as raw .ttf files in one of your product bundles.

Have a sparking day!
Jen Jones

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Numbers Galore

This pack includes handwriting practice, ten frame examples, even vs. odd, one more, one less, number partners, etc. for each number 0-100 (in both print and manuscript tracing fonts).

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Word Work Task Cards

Ultimate set of task cards for word work in your classroom. Set includes 44 word work activities, along with 4 blank task cards for programming. Also included are 21 recording sheets for task card activities.

Recording Sheets included are:
-Graph a Word
-Rainbow Words
-Spell, Stamp, Decorate
-Round Up Rhymes
-Pyramid Pile Up
-Hidden Words
-ABC Order
-Story time
-Spelling Sentences
-Word Search
-Park that Word
-Crocodile Syllable Chomp
-Tongue Twisters
-Silly-Willy Sentences
-Fancy Words
-Rocket Words
-Mama Mia Pizza Words
-Riddle Me This
-Feeding Monster Muncher


Schedule Cards

"I've updated my schedule cards for the new school year! I've listened to your requests and suggestions, so I hope you're able to use these in your classroom! These schedule cards provide a great visual for keeping track of the day! Enjoy!"

Elementary Math Charts Packet

Kids can learn a lot about numbers just using these! Just print, laminate and display as classroom posters or have students cut out and place/glue in their math journals for their own reference throughout the entire school year. Very convenient for busy teachers and students alike. Includes math journal versions, classroom poster/demonstration versions (enlarge to desired sizes), and suggestions for use.


"You just saved me a couple of hours! Wonderful idea that I will use immediately to create offices. --Neldalopez"

"I love this. I like my students to have their own resources handy in their binders. This will be great...--Evansrm30"

"These are perfect sizes for their math journals! --Jenna Rupp"

"What an incredible resources to have for lots of math lessons! Love the different sizes as well. --Joebarkey"